Polyurea Roofing Systems

Polyurea Roofing Systems  Englewood CO
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Polyurea Roofing Systems

As a commercial roofing expert, one of the roofing solutions Rhino Roofing has available for your business is polyurea roofing.

What is Polyurea Roofing?

Polyurea is an industrial coating technology that is used on commercial roofing that has been used for decades. Known as one of the best coatings in the industry, Rhino Roofing recommends this coating as it is a cost effective and durable solution. This solution is sprayed on roofing constructed of polyurethane to help protect it long term. When applying this industrial coating, polyurea can be applied in almost any outdoor condition and dries incredibly quickly, allowing the installation process of your commercial roof to be expedited. Polyurea adheres to a surface without issue and is solidified within minutes. Plus, it cures in humid or conditions with moisture, which provides the ability to install this type of roofing in almost any outdoor condition. There is no primer or additional work needed once sprayed on, saving you time and money. You can work with Rhino Roofing to discuss any additional additives to incorporate into your polyurea coating that can enhance the quality of your commercial roof.


Polyurea is an excellent industrial coating spray to use on commercial roofing to help it last long term. Just a small amount goes a long way, which your business will appreciate for your bottom line. This waterproof solution also helps to prevent abrasive damage and corrosion, as well as chemical, environmental or atmospheric issues. By applying this coating, you will greatly reduce the chances of your roof being punctured causing leaks during storms, inclement weather, or other natural elements that come into contact with it. In addition, polyurea coating spray also has ENERGY STAR rated options to help keep energy consumption low, allowing your business’ heating and cooling bills to be manageable.

Additional Information

Polyurea coating technology for industrial settings was specifically designed to enhance roofing. In addition, it is available for a variety of other settings as well. This coating is a great addition to consider both for new installations or over repairs. Given its ability to protect a roof and provide a tight seal, you are adding a waterproof solution for your commercial roof. Be sure to talk to your Rhino Roofing specialist on how we can incorporate polyurea on your commercial roof to help you with long term savings.


By applying a polyurea coating spray to your commercial roof, you will greatly reduce the risk of damage long term. It can last up to 15 years, providing great protection to your commercial roofing investment–in addition to the quality materials we will use for your roofing repairs or commercial roofing replacement. This investment provides for great long term returns for your company’s budget. s you work to decide which type of roofing is best for you, and the benefits of a polyurea coating, Rhino Roofing will help you every step of the way to determine your best pricing and durability to help you get the most out of your dollars.

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