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Rhino Roofing has been satisfying owners with challenging roofing issues for over 25 years in the Colorado front-range region. From rehabbing persistent damaging leaks to complete new commercial roofing systems, Rhino Roofing is an authorized installer for some of the most trusted roofing system manufacturers world wide. With millions of sq. ft. of product installed Rhino Roofing will please you with reliability, dependability, and cost effective results.

Roofing Systems:

Located in Morrison and Englewood CO, Rhino Roofing specializes in cost engineering complicated commercial roofing systems. Just because a roof may leak, doesn’t mean that it always needs to be replaced. In fact, even well-constructed roofing systems will leak during certain storm events, often due to a simple problem. It takes a trained eye to inspect a roof properly and incorporate a detail to resolve that roofing condition.

Roof Rehab is run by the most experienced roofing consultants and roofing technicians. We have been dealing with roofing issues for over 25 years. Rhino Roofing has the expensive equipment required to repair these problems, as well as knowledgeable repair persons. Although Rhino Roofing can repair most roofing systems, we also do replacements of the entire roof commercial if needed, using only top-quality manufacturers.

We specialize in:
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Large Plants
  • Multi-unit
  • Mines
  • Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Polyurea
Our focus:
  • Flat Roofing Repair / Replacement
  • Metal Roofing Repair / Replacement

Commercial Roofing

Commercial building roofs have a hard life and when they need to be replaced, we’ll put on a new one that is trouble free and that will last.

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Custom Homes

Serious leaks around chimneys, drains, gutters, valleys need to get addressed and we know how to fix them all.

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Roofing Services

Sagging ceiling tiles, damp carpets, stained drywall are all signs you need to fix your roof – we can find and seal any problem quickly and efficiently.

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