At Rhino Roofing, we are authorized installers for manufacturers Versico and Versiflex. We have the skills and knowledge with these two industry leading systems to use either of them for your commercial roofing needs. 


Versico Roofing Systems is one of the trusted manufacturers that Rhino Roofing uses for our commercial roofing materials. 

For over 20 years, Versico is one of the nation’s leading top single-ply roofing system manufacturers. Rhino Roofing uses Versico’s roofing as they are always working to use a wide range of the latest technologies in commercial roofing. Through this variety of roofing systems, Versico has the solution that will be best suited for your commercial roofing. Some of their products include VersiGard® EPDM, VersiWeld® TPO, VersiFleece® TPO and PVC, VersiFlex® PFC, VersiFlex-E PVC, VersiFlex-E KEE HP, and more. 

For you, as a business owner, you can rely on Rhino Roofing to find you the best type of Versico roofing for your commercial business. The best solution for your roof can last for decades. In addition, warranty options are available. In addition, Versico specializes in roof gardens, multiple ply, insulation and underlayments, skylights, edge metal and coatings. You will be pleased with this highly rated material expert for the repair and replacement of your Denver commercial roofing. 


Under the Versico Roofing System family are the trusted VersiFlex commercial roofing in Denver options. The three types include:

  • VersiFlex PVC
  • VersiFlex FRS PVC
  • VersiFlex-E KEE HP

VersiFlex PVC is a roofing material that is long lasting. It is fire-resistant and also resistant to many types of chemicals such as acids, bases, oils in restaurants, and grease. 

For VersiFlex FRS PVC, this type of roofing material uses a fiberglass-reinforced scrim in the membrane of your roof. It is a great solution for commercial businesses that endure extreme elements and temperature changes. With the temperature changes that occur in Denver, VersiFlex FRS PVC is a great option. 

Last is the VersiFlex-E KEE HP roofing material. Its membrane contains a high performing plasticizer that is more durable than the standard KEE. In addition, many customers love the aesthetic appeal of the VersiFlex-E KEE HP system. When looking into top grade, commercial roofing solutions, this is a premier roofing system that also stands up to the harshest of outdoor elements.


As roofing experts, we also work closely with insurance companies when it comes to your claim. You can rely on Rhino Roofing to help you every step of the way, and to answer any questions you have for your insurance claims. 

We handle insurance projects, pricing, planning, and design. We will work closely with your insurance adjuster to come up with fair market value for your claim. 

Deciding Which to Use

By choosing Rhino Roofing for your commercial roofing repair and installation, we will work with you to define which of these two systems will best fit your establishment. We will help you find the best system that will be the most efficient for your building and help you get a great return on your investment, that will last for decades to come.